Integrate with Ease

Bluecore completes comprehensive integrations in just a few weeks, not months, with no data feeds required. Since we integrate directly with your existing ESP and eCommerce platform, you’ll be up and running (fast!) with tangible results. Your IT team will not only be happy, they’ll be impressed.


Harness Untapped Data

Why should marketers care about a system that processes terabytes of behavioral data in milliseconds? Because it gives them the freedom to take immediate action on valuable behavioral data. Marketers gain complete control, eliminate organizational bottlenecks, and drive more impact.


Launch at scale

Audience segmentation and personalized content are the keys to unlocking ROI across digital channels, yet most marketers fall short due to organizational barriers, data silos and technological shortcomings. Bluecore’s data platform empowers marketers to launch data-driven, cross-channel programs in minutes.


Bluecore’s platform evolves a marketer’s manual workflow to a fully automated process, enabling marketers to send dynamically personalized triggers and broadcast emails to each and every customer with speed and proficiency.

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Bluecore Ads provides marketers with consolidated first-party product, purchase and behavioral data to create audiences unavailable in any other system, allowing marketers to deliver unique experiences across social, search, and display.

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I think the reason that the numbers are so good on Bluecore emails is because they are personalized, because they are relevant, and they’re timely. The results that we got were the driver for me to recognize that this thing could replace spray and pray, by getting enough data into the system that we really could send people individualized emails always, not only occasionally. We’ll continue to look for lots and lots of ways to make the Bluecore triggered emails the predominate emails that we send to people.

- Kevin Ertell
Sr. Vice President - Digital, Sur la table

It is a lot easier than most people would ever expect. Bluecore enabled us to launch multiple triggers with a single, comprehensive integration. That one-time setup launched every single trigger, even as we’ve added more since our initial launch. No one believes it’s just adding a pixel, but it’s actually true. We knew the opportunity existed, but Bluecore’s triggered email performance has far surpassed our wildest expectations.

- Victor Castro
Director of eCommerce, Zachys

Bluecore was the first tool I rolled out after joining Teleflora. We did it in one week, and we were ready for Mother’s Day. Bluecore’s customer service is to die for. It’s one of the reasons I’ve implemented them so many times. Their team is smart, easy to work with, and all about customer success. Even when our request is crazy, they figure out a way to make it happen.

- Beth Monda
VP of eCommerce, Teleflora

We really want to build our automated programming so that the experience is better — it’s more personalized, it’s more real time, it’s based on real-time data and it’s also more scalable. Right out of the gate we saw extremely high open rates and click through rates. Our first recipes started generating 50-60% open rates and 15-20% click through rates. We saw a 20% lift in revenue per person. Bluecore has inspired our email team.

- Nathan Decker
Director of eCommerce, evo

We tested a few triggers with Bluecore. When we saw the impact and success, the next step was obvious: we moved all our triggers over to Bluecore. They were able to launch and update emails in hours or days instead of weeks or months. Bluecore has provided a seamless email retention program. We implemented Bluecore without any challenges and immediately started generating more return traffic and incremental revenue. Bluecore is an easy win for all eCommerce sites.

- Christina Hsu
Director of eCommerce Marketing, Tommy Hilfiger

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Integrate with Ease

Bluecore integrates in weeks, not months, with no data feeds required. On average, Bluecore partners go live in less than 45 days, integrating directly with your existing ESP and eCommerce platform.

Harness Untapped Data

Marketers gain complete control, eliminate organizational bottlenecks, and drive more impact by taking immediate action on valuable behavioral data.

Launch at Scale

Bluecore’s single system unlocks incremental revenue through behavioral triggers, product notifications and Live Segments with ease.

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