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2016 Triggered Email
Benchmark Report

Trends, Insights & Industries

Welcome to Bluecore’s 2016 Triggered Email Benchmark Report.
Leveraging data from more than 280 customers and 332 million triggered emails, this is the most extensive examination of triggered email metrics we’ve ever produced.


Have You Ever Wondered…


Which triggered email types are the strongest revenue drivers?


How many triggered email types do most marketers run?


What are the best triggers to use when you’re just getting started?


How do shoppers with different order values respond differently to triggered emails?


How do triggered email benchmarks vary by industry?

In addition to answering these questions and more, we’ll provide important insights to help you set up programs for future success.


Sneak Peek at the Data


Technology has highest average
revenue per email of all industries


Order values between $50 – $100 have
highest average click-to-conversion rate

Average Adoption & Revenue Contribution
by Triggered Email Type


What’s inside

1. Baseline Benchmarks

Even though the rest of this report will break down triggered email metrics by different variables, we still wanted to provide you with general baseline data. In this section, we’ll break down triggered email benchmarks by type, highlighting where certain triggers are strongest.

2. Adoption & Revenue Contribution

For eCommerce marketers who are just getting started with triggered emails, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Which triggered email types are better to build a foundation, and which ones are better to add as you grow and scale? In this section, we’ll break down triggered email adoption and revenue contribution benchmarks by type.

3. Order Values

Consumers looking to make a $100 purchase and those looking to make a $10,000 purchase probably shop a bit differently, but do they respond just as differently to triggered emails? In this section, we break down triggered email benchmarks by average order value.

4. Industries

Should marketers in the apparel industry and marketers in the hardware industry be using the same triggered email benchmarks? In this section, we’ll break down triggered email benchmarks by 10 industries and compare them to industry-agnostic benchmarks.



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