The Ultimate Guide to Triggered Email for eCommerce

Everything eCommerce marketers need to know in order to integrate a triggered email strategy into their email and customer retention programs.


Triggered emails generate 152% more click-throughs than traditional emails


Triggered emails generate 75% more revenue than one-size-fits all campaigns

In this guide you'll learn:

Part 1: What is triggered
email marketing?

1. Brief history of email marketing
2. What a triggered email is and is not
3. Triggered email marketing use cases
4. Who uses triggered emails

Part 2: Different Types +
How to Use Them

1. Abandonment
2. Product Catalog
3. Recommendations
4. Post-Purchase
5. Reminder

Part 3: Implementation + Configuration

1. Fundamental information needed to get started
2. Steps for technical integration
3. Steps for technical alignment with your email service provider
4. Triggered email template design best practices

Part 4: Measurement + Optimization

1. Key performance indicator overview
2. Key performance indicators by triggered email campaign
3. A/B testing best practices

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